Sunday Review Template

Sunday Review Template

I want to keep a record of my progress so I’ve created a template below. This industry requires buckets of motivation. I’ve noticed that there are many things to keep up with on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and if you’re anything like me there are also 10,000 other things to maintain. Anything you don’t maintain falls apart. So copy this too for your own records!

The Categories

Non-industry jobs

List here in bullet points

  • Freelance/Client-based job that I work and will continue to work (hustle economy)
  • Employee jobs that I may have in the future (girls gotta eat)

Industry jobs

  • Paid or Unpaid FILM jobs 🙂

Applied to

  • I’ll keep these brief because I am always applying to things


  • Awesome and terrifying

I’ve been reading/I’ve been seeing

  • If it’s cool, I’ll post it here. If it isn’t I’ll keep my mouth shut

Money spent on my career

  • This is a random metric because I never budget. But it could be useful for others to see the hidden costs of pursuing your dreams


  • These will be follow-ups that I completed


  • Did I attend a conference, mixer, or send a cold email?

Projects worked on

  • Am I in the drafting, editing, or revision stage?

Work on my eating habits

  • Have I self-adjusted?

Freelance Jobs

  • Did I do a home organizing, writing, or brand ambassador gig?


  • Did I workshop a piece or do a major revision?


  • Was I published? The link goes here

Cool things that happened

  • Re-tweeted by an influencer or met someone cool or heard an awesome quote?

A lot of this is for myself. I often feel like I’m not doing anything even though I am progressing. I think I always compare myself with where I want to be and having some realistic metrics will show me to myself what I’m doing, not doing, and need to work on.


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